by Eman.

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released January 2, 2017




Eman. Denton, Texas


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Track Name: No Restraint
Verse 1:
Hungry eyes are looking straight through her
They pierce her shield of security
A tranquil walk was the lone desire
That she possessed on this mundane day
But now she's being analyzed
From head to toe then head again
The eyes may not mean any harm
A sign of pure affection

Watching lustful
No restraint
Images that
Our minds paint
The truth
Is never so
Watching lustful
No restraint

Verse 2:
Or they might be the rays of doom
That shatter all defenses
And leave a citizen so bare
In any and all dimensions
Eyes like this will reappear
Throughout the goddamned day
Different shapes, sizes, colors, and tones
Only lust is a constant factor

Chorus (X2)
Track Name: Good Luck
Verse 1:
I can see you
Want to use me
Throw me away
Leaving me bare
You are used to
Dodging the fee
Having your way
Devil may care

Well, good luck with that(X2)
I don’t wanna deal
With bullshit no more

Well, good luck with that(X2)
Better find someone
That you can make your bitch

Verse 2:
I really wish
People like you
Didn’t exist
On this vast Earth
You’ll never know
What I’ve been through
You think I’ll forget
What I’m worth

Track Name: We drive on
Deep tones of beige are what we drive through
To pursue holes that we can strive to
The empty wells that are you and me
Must always be filled with new and free
Will my thirst be quenched? You drive ahead.
Will my worst be drenched? You drive ahead.
Will my mind be at ease? You drive ahead.
Will I always feel diseased? You drive ahead.
We convince ourselves that forward is our path
Even though a maze can last forever
We overstate the power of our wrath
And we think we’re oh so clever
But alas, this endeavor will never satisfy
A new verse, and a stolen hearse won’t ever rectify
Yet we still burn rubber anyways
And we’ll keep on moving at any rate
But if we get swallowed in yesterday
We might just have to self-detonate
Track Name: Now I know, I apologize
When I drift away and collide with the sun
I see you there, smiling at me
We melt into each other gladly
And our passion is unmatched
The purity of becoming raw
A mystery that is so sweet to me
It feels so real, it feels so true
We lay naked on violent rays

And yet, when the sun goes away
I have to face the truth
She doesn't care for me that much
I don't matter to her
Her affection isn't mine to have
It never will be
And it took me way too long
To come back from the black sea

Now I know what you see when you look at my long face
Now I know that I am not too welcome in your space
I apologize I will make sure to stay away
I apologize I'm just trying to find my way

Track Name: Femme Fatale
Verse 1:
She glances at his eager eyes
So hungry, so thirsty, so meek
The eyes announce what can be done
Too honest for this evil world
If tamed, the beast can be had
For as long as she desires
Then disposed of, very quickly
After his worth has expired

She owns him
She owns him
He answers
To her whim

She owns him
She owns him
He is lost
He is bound

She owns him
She owns him
Her spell is
So damn strong

He doesn’t
Know she is
A femme fatale

Verse 2:
He thinks this is a step forward
But he’s really just drowning in quicksand
He thinks it’s fate, or some certainty
That will bring him to himself
But he will stay cold much longer
And maybe that is for the best
Though in time he’ll be going day to day
Restless, alone, and depressed

Track Name: I'm fucking exhausted
I’m fucking exhausted, I’ll never be satisfied. (X3)
Never be satisfied (X2)